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LTE3415 SFP GPON ONU STICK Transceiver Class B+ 1244/2488Mbps with MAC

1244/2488Mbps with MAC

The LTE3415 with SC recepticle is standard 2*10 SFP GPON ONU with MAC module, which is designed to meet the requirements of ITU-T G984 standard. 

Product Name Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
GPON ONU STICK LTE3415-SC+ SFP SC/APC 20km C 0~5dBm 1.25Gb/s 1310nm -28dBm 2.5Gb/s 1490nm

•  Home Gateway 

•  Network switch

•  Router

•  MDU

•  Dual Lambda Bidirectional Transceiver 

•  Single 3.3V DC supply 

•  Low Power Consumption 

•  Full Duplex Operation                                                       

•  SFP Package Outline

    1310nm 1244Mb/s  DFB Burst Mode Laser 

    1490nm 2488Mb/s TIA CW Mode Receiver 

•  Standards

ITU-T G.984.2  

    ITU-T G.984.5 

    FSAN Class B+