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10G EPON Symmetrical ONU BOSA

This single-fiber optical subassembly is designed for FTTx applications. It is integrated with one 10Gb/s 1270nm DFB LD and one 10Gb/s 1577nm Receiver with APD together with optical filters for beam direction.  

Picture Product Name Part Number Interface Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
10G EPON Symmetrical ONU BOSA HDB2588 SC Receptacle
SC/APC Pigtail
SC/UPC Pigtail
C,H >2.5mW 10312.5Mb/S 1270nm -29.5dBm 10312.5Mb/s 1577nm 1577nm

•  10G EPON ONU  application 

•  DFB  uncooled laser diode 

•  High sensitive 10G APD/TIA 

•  SC/UPC Pigtail 

•  Standards: IEEE802.3av