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LMF8211B SFP-DD BIDI 2×50G PAM4 Bi-Directional Transceiver

The LMF8211B is a SFP-DD BIDI for 2 x 50G PAM4 Applications. It is compliant with the SFP-DD MSA specifications. It operates at 26.56GBaud and integrates two electrical and two optical lanes by using nominal wavelengths of 850nm and 908nm. The link distances is up to 100m with OM4 multi-mode fiber.

Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Fiber Type Wavelength Rate Tx Output Rx Input
LMF8211B-BC+ SFP-DD LC 100m C Multi-mode 850nm
2x50Gb/s -6~4dBm -7.9~4dBm

 • 100 Gigabit Ethernet interconnects 

 • Data center

 • 2 independent parallel optical channels 

 • Each channel data rate up to 26.56GBaud with integrated CDR 

 • Hot Pluggable 

 • Link Distances : up to 70m @ OM3, 100m @ OM4, 150m @ OM5, 50um MM fiber 

 • CML Compatible electrical I/O 

 • PAM4 & NRZ compatible 

 • SFP-DD MSA Compliance 

 • Dual Wavelength VCSEL Bi-Directional Optical Interface, 

 • PAM4, 2x50Gbps 850nm/900nm 

 • Case Operating Temperature Range:  Commercial: 0 to 70ºC 

 • RoHS compliance