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The STICK optical module can fully meet the requirements of the carrier-grade FTTB\ FTTH\ FTTO device. It can be hot-swapped into the SFP slot of the Layer 2 Ethernet switch. The whole machine can be used as an ONT or even an MDU, so that the whole device can be directly Connected to the GPON optical network, the central office OLT only needs to register the GPON STICK optical module as if it were a normal optical cat. The communication device can complete the access switch from the original P2P


Main chip: Realtek solution;

PON mode: GPON;

Interface: SC/APC

Optical fiber: single mode;

Downlink rate: 2.488 Gbit/s,

Uplink rate: 1.244Gbit/s;

Power supply: 3.3V DC

Temperature: 0~70°C Commercial grade

Supports the OMCI standard;

Provides 1.25Gbps uplink and downlink 2.5Gbps

Support for logical identity (LOID) authentication;

Support Dying Gasp;

Support IEEE802.3av;

Supports the abnormal light-off function of the optical module.