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LTW2601 XFP NG-PON2 ONU Transceiver

Beta2+ Symmetrical 9.953Gbps ONU

The LTW2601 is intended for NG-PON2 ONU applicat with a C-band 9.95328Gbps BM upstream transmitter and a L-band 9.95328Gbps CW downstream in XFP housing.

The module is configured receiver which work in TDM configuration. The transmitters can be controlled by the LVTTL Tx_Disable function and the receivers incorporates the LVTTL Rx_LOS output.

The LTW2601 is designed to support up to 32 subscribers over distances of up to 20km in the ODN.

It is FDA 21CFR1040.10 and IEC 60825-2 Class I laser safety compliant and meets the EEC Directive 2002/95/EC for RoHS compliance.

Product Name Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
NG-PON2 ONU LTW2601C-BC+ XFP SC 20km C 4~9dBm
9.953Gb/s 1532.68/1533.47/
-28dBm 9.953Gb/s 1596.34/1597.19/

•  NG-PON2 Access networks

•  Fiber to the Home

•  Fiber to the Building

•  Fiber to the Curb

•  XFP Package

•  Single 3.3V DC power supply

•  2 Lambda

•  Single SC receptacle optical connector

•  Hot pluggable

•  2x15 XFP Electrical Interface

•  Optical Transmitter

   C-band Burst Mode EML

    9.95328Gb/s data rate

    4X100GHz Tunable

    LVCML AC Coupled input

•  Optical Receiver

    CW APD/TIA receiver

    9.95328Gb/s data rate

    4X100GHz Tunable

    LVCML AC Coupled output

•  Control and Monitor Interface

    LVTTL Tx_Disable

    LVTTL Mod_Abs



    LVTTL Mod_Disable

•  I2C Serial Data

    SCL Serial Clock Input

    SDA Serial Data I/O