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LCQ6380S-PC+ QSFP-DD ZR Digital Coherent Optical Transceiver

1x400G Tunable C-band 80km

The QSFP-DD ZR modules are designed for using in data center interconnections (DCIs) , networking links over single mode fibers. The ZR module supports amplified DCI transmission reaching of 80~120 km. They are compliant with the OIF-400G ZR-01.0 MSA. Digital diag-nostics functions are available via an TWI interface, as specified by the CMIS.LCQ6380S has coherent DSP ASIC functionality with best in class narrow line-width tunable lasers, high speed modulators and high respon-sively coherent receivers to deliver high performance link solutions. The module supports modulation formats of 16QAM. Supported client signal types of 400GbE Ethernet.

Mechanical dimensions, connectors and footprint of LCQ6380S conform to QSFP-DD MSA. The module size is 18.35 mm x 93.26 mm x 8.5mm and hot pluggable by 76-pin connector. The maximum power consumption is 18.8 W and power supply voltage is +3.3V.

Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Fiber Type Wavelength Rate Tx Output Rx Input
LCQ6380S-PC+ QSFP-DD LC 80km C Single-mode C-band 400Gb/s -10~-13dBm -12~0dBm

• Data Centers Interconnection

• Support DP-16QAM(400G) Modulation 

• Forward Error Correction 

• Compliant to OIF-400GZR-01.0 

• Operating case temperature: 0 to 70 ºC 

• Compact size (18.35 mm x 93.26 mm x 8.5 mm) 

• LC-Duplex optical receptacle 

• +3.3V power supply 

• Hot pluggable to 76-pin electrical con-nector 

• Support 400GEthernet Signaling, Com-pliant AUI-8 Signaling 

• Concatenated Forward Error Correction (C-FEC)