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LMF3018W-BH+ SFP56 Optical Transceiver

50G 53.125Gb/s 1310nm 10km

The LMF3018W is intended for 10km reach service from 10.31Gb/s to 53.125Gb/s 1310nm single mode high-speed communications equipment where low-cost, extraordinary performance and reliability are essential. It consumes low power, operates base on 3.3V DC power supply and is offered in the commercial temperature range. They are compliant with SFP56 MSA , SFF-8431 and SFF-8432. The low jitter and low bit error rate optical assembly features a 1310nm DML laser transmitter and PIN/TIA receiver.

Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Fiber Type Wavelength Rate Tx Output Rx Input
LMF3018W-BH+ SFP56 LC 10km H single-mode 1310nm 50Gb/s -4.5~4.2dBm -8.9dBm(OMA)


• 5G wireless 


•  SFP56 Pin assignment compliant

•  Hot Pluggable SFP56 form factor

•  10km link on SMF

•  Uncooled DML transmitter

•  Case Operating Temperature:Commercial: -40 to 85ºC

•  Digital diagnostic capabilities

•  +3.3V power supply

•  LC-Duplex Optical Receptacle

•  RoHS6