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QSFP112 50G GPON OLT Transceiver

The LTQ4301-PC+ is intended for 50G GPON OLT DEMO in a QSFP112 housing. It is using a 1342nm 49.7664Gbps downstream transmitter and a 24.8832Gbps/12.5Gbps upstream receiver which work in TDM configuration. The LTQ4301-PC+ is designed to support up to 16 subscribers over distances of up to 20km in the ODN ,which is just for the 50G GPON pre-DEMO experiment. It meets the EEC Directive 2015/863/EU for RoHS compliance.

Product Name Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Tx Output Tx Rate Tx Wavelength Rx Input Rx Rate Rx Wavelength
50G GPON OLT LTQ4301-PC+ QSFP112 SC 20km C 2dBm 49.7664 Gb/s 1340nm~1344nm -24.5dBm 24.8832/12.5 Gb/s 1260~1310nm

• 50G GPON  OLT DEMO Samples 




• QSFP112 Package 

• 3.3V power supply 

• 2 Lambda 

• Single SC receptacle optical connector 

• Hot pluggable 

• 2x19 QSFP112 Electrical Interface


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