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WiFi6 AX3000 Router


HBR6303M WiFi6 AX3000 Smart Router, supports Wireless 3000Mbps, faster speeds, more connected devices, OFDMA and 4-streams let you talk to more devices simultaneously and connect all your streaming, gaming and smart home devices.


Adopt the latest WiFi6 communication technology

Support MU-MIMO, 1024QAM, 160MHz bandwidth, dual-band 4 streams

Up to 3000Mbps high data rate

Support Easy mesh networking function with seamless roaming

Meet the requirement of multi-user, high rate, low latency, wide coverage, easy networking

Four Gigabit Ethernet ports with WAN/LAN self-adaptation

Advanced security, protect your network and connected devices with a free lifetime

Intelligent beamforming delivers highly targeted and efficient Wi-Fi connection