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This single ONT complies with both symmetric 10G PON standards, ITU-T G.9807.1 (XGS PON) and IEEE 802.3av (10G EPON). Embedded firmware supports both XGS-PON and 10G EPON on a single device with PON mode auto-sense capability (Auto-PONTM). In addition to MAC layer functionality, it provides the OMCI (ITU-T G.988) management stack in XGS ONT mode and OAM (IEEE 1904.1 SIEPON Package A) management stack in 10G EPON mode.


Standards:   ITU-T G.9807.1 (XGS PON) and IEEE 802.3av (10G EPON)

Optical Module:    BOSA on Board

Data rate:   9.9532Gbps/9.9532Gbps (XGS mode), or 10.3125Gbps/10.3125Gbps (EPON mode)

Wavelength:    1270nm/1577nm

Max Distance:    20KM

TX Output:     +4 to +9 dBm

RX Input:    < -28dBm


Optical interface:    1 XGSPON port, SC/APC

Ethernet:   1*10GE RJ45