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LTW627XB XFP NG-PON2 OLT Transceiver

Gen 2 Class N2 Symmetrical OLT

The LTW627XB-PCA+ is intended for NG-PON2 OLT application in four separate XFP housing. It is a series module and each module is configured with a L-band 9.95328Gbps downstream transmitter and a C-band 9.95328Gbps upstream receiver which work in TDM configuration. The transmitters can be controlled by the LVTTL Tx_DISABLE function and the receivers incorporates the LVTTL Rx_SD output. 

The LTW627XB-PCA+ is the 2nd generation of NGPON2 OLT, which supporting the short preamble configuration. It is designed to support up to 64 subscribers over distances of up to 20km in the ODN. It meets the EEC Directive 2002/95/EC for RoHS compliance.

Part Number Package Interface Reach Temp Fiber Type Wavelength Rate Tx Output Rx Input
XFP SC 20km C 7.2~10.2dBm -30.1dBm

•  40G NG-PON2 Passive Opitacal Access Network 

•  Fiber to the Home

•  Fiber to the Building

•  Fiber to the Curb

• XFP Package

• 3.3V power supply

• 2 Lambda

• Single SC receptacle optical connector

• Hot pluggable

• 2x15 XFP Electrical Interface

• Optical Transmitter

  L-band CW Mode EML

  9.95328Gb/s data rate

  100GHz Spacing 

  LVCML AC Coupled input

• Optical Receiver

  Burst Mode APD/TIA receiver

  9.95328Gb/s data rate

  LVCML DC Coupled output

  Support 128ns receiving setting time

• Control and Monitor Interface

  LVTTL Tx_Disable

  LVTTL Mod_Abs



  LTTTL RX_Reset

• Case Operating Temperature:

  Commercial: 0 to 70°C

• I2C Serial Data

  SCL Serial Clock Input

  SDA Serial Data I/O


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